Service support

Ekodar provides a full range of services for technical support, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of water treatment systems, residential water filters and drinking water machines (purifiers).

Qualified service engineers trained in manufacturers' training centers and having extensive experience in repairing and maintaining a wide range of water treatment equipment are ready for any of your tasks.

108811, Moscow, Kievskoe highway, Rumyantsevo Business Park, building 1A, 1 office entrance, 4th floor

Hotline: +7 (495) 232 52 62

Working hours: daily from 8:00 to 19:00 (Moscow TIME)

Smart service

Ekodar service center today:

  • 80 full-time employees and own fleet of cars
  • Official Clack Corporation and Waterlogic accreditation
  • Maximum responsiveness in all situations
  • Equipment maintenance according to the manufacturer's methods
  • Constant water quality monitoring in an accredited laboratory
  • Large warehouse of accessories and spare parts

Advantages of servicing in our Service Center:

  1. 1. Compliance with the manufacturer's methods and using original replacement components.
  2. 2. Visit of the engineer on duty during the day.
  3. 3. A personal manager controls the timeliness of maintenance using special client software.
  4. 4. Maintenance of any complexity at any time convenient for you.
  5. 5. Daily telephone service support.
  6. 6. Preserving the working conditions and interior aesthetics during installation and maintenance.
  7. 7. Discounts on consumables and equipment upgrades.

The most frequent activities of our specialists

Water treatment systems:

  • Diagnostics and adjustment of electromechanical and electronic control valve systems
  • Replacement of the UV lamp and the cartridge in the polishing filter
  • Setting the operating modes of the dosing pump and pulse meter
  • Disassembly of threaded connections, cleaning of the inlet mesh from mechanical impurities
  • Disassembly and flushing of the air-stripping tower
  • Disassembly, cleaning of the injector and cam-rotor assembly (distribution assembly, piston and control valve injector mesh) from mechanical impurities

Drinking water dispensers:

  • Replacement of filter elements
  • Replacement of the UV lamp
  • Sanitization of internal equipment parts
  • Decalcification of the heating system
  • Checking the system tightness
  • Cleaning the external panels
  • Setting up the operating modes of the equipment
  • Diagnostics of the cooling system
  • Diagnostics of the heating system
  • Testing of electronic circuit boards
  • Testing of temperature conditions