8 Advantages from a Leader

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    1. Your confidence in pure water
    Experience since 1993, direct equipment supplies from China, Europe and North America, hundreds of professionals — all this makes our customers confident in the most important thing — pure water!
    Your confidence in pure water
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    2. Convenience of working with us
    At every stage — from your call to our office to pure water from your tap — we are attentive to you as best as we can! That's why thousands of people recommend us to friends and loved ones every year. And we appreciate it!
    Convenience of working with us
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    3. We save your time
    We will take care of everything: arrive at the facility, develop the terms of reference, take a water sample, do a detailed chemical analysis in the accredited laboratory, select the required equipment, take into account all your requirements and wishes, install and maintain a water treatment system. At each stage, we provide you with maximum efficiency and quality assurance!
    We save your time
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    4. We save your money
    We value our reputation, therefore we select only the right and really operating equipment. We directly deliver systems of various classes from the USA and Europe, therefore we can select a water treatment unit for your budget. Our filters ensure low operating costs and longest service life.
    We save your money
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    5. We are always nearby
    Ekodar Service Center is the only one in Russia accredited by Clack Corporation and Canature (world leaders in water treatment). Our own large warehouse, available stock of accessories and spare parts, more than 30 professional service teams — this is your continuous confidence in the reliable equipment operation!
    We are always nearby
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    6. Taking care of your health
    Thanks to the high quality control of the systems, we provide you with tasty and safe drinking water. Our filters ensure water quality that meets both Russian and more stringent European standards. The Elite and Premium class systems are equipped with unique heat-insulated jackets manufactured at our production facility. They prevent condensation to additionally protect your home from moisture, and protect you from the development of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
    Taking care of your health
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    7. Exclusively for you
    Systems mounted on mobile frame structures, compact aeration systems and deferrization filters, universal cabinet-type filters, heat-insulated jackets, Clack Corporation's latest generation Russian-language control automation — all these and many other solutions are available only to our company's customers.
    Exclusively for you
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    8. Unique guarantees
    We monitor the quality of work and services at every stage. We have implemented ISO 9001 and GOST R ISO 14001 standards to provide you with a truly European service. Our systems are adapted for Russia, therefore we can cover them with unique guarantees — 4 years for systems and installation. But the most important thing is the legal guarantee of pure water!
    Unique guarantees