Water dispensers

7.pngEcomaster water purification machines – the best solution for providing your office with the purest water.

Water purification machines with built-in filtration system – is a modern solution for providing office with pure and healthy water.

Ekodar company supplies water purification machines Ecomaster, made by Waterlogic International to the Russian market for more than 12 years.

Learn why more than 7000 companies have chosen water purification machines Ecomaster for their office!

Costs economy

When using Ecomaster water purification machines you receive 10000 liters of pure water every year. That is 526 of 19 liter bottles!

Working time economy

Ecomaster water purification machines solve many problems arising with delivery, storage and replacement of bottles.

Decrease of time wasted on managing delivery, receiving, replacement, and storage of bottles with water. Instead of every-week delivery you get 3 or 4 times service per year, which takes 30-40 minutes.

Space economy

Ecomaster water purification machines save workplace as you don’t need to store bottles.

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Ecomaster water purification dispensers are proven to create the purest water there is. Research and development department of Waterlogic company has done all the research, design and thinking at the forefront of UV technology so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your water. This is how we do it.

Standard filtration system consists of three filters.

func-MSF.jpg Our carbon purifiers filter your water to remove contaminants, chlorine and other waterborne bad tastes and odors. We know. Not really what you want to think about when you’re drinking water.

Firewall – class A purification

func-FIREWALL.jpg We took our already great UV technology, made it greater, applied for a patent, and named it Firewall. With Firewall, the UV lamp is positioned at the point of dispense.

In-tank UV – class B purification

func-UV.jpg Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. Ok, so that’s what the tech guys say, but what does it mean for water purification?


func-K.jpg Research and development department of Waterlogic company has carefully chosen only the best parts and materials used in production of water purification machines Ecomaster.


func-BIOCOTE.jpg Waterlogic dispensers have the outside covered as well as the inside. Plastic surfaces surrounding dispensing areas of Waterlogic units are infused with a silver additive called BioCote®.

Oxygen enrichment

func-OXYGEN.jpg Ekodar company developed unique technology – oxygen enrichment of water. Everyone who cares about their health will appreciate oxygenated water..