Our partners – world leaders in water treatment area

Our partners are the leading international manufacturers of water treatment and purification equipment.

Clack Corporation

Clack Corporation One of the major international manufactures of water treatment and purification equipment for residential and commercial/industrial applications.


Waterlogic The world leader in manufacturing of drinking water dispensers with built-in filtration system. There are 750 000 Waterlogic water dispensers in 30 countries around the world such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, United Sates, Russia, and others.

GE Water & Process Technologies

GE The subdivision of General Electric working with water treatment and purification equipment. At the present time it consists of well known companies such as Osmonics (Autotrol™, Aquamatic™), Zenon and others.

Beijing Pentair Water Jieming Co. Ltd.

Chinese company producing filter tanks and accessories as well as high quality disc filters.

Wonder Light Industry Mach. & Elec. Products Co. Ltd.

The leading Chinese manufacturer of the UV sterilizers for residential and commercial applications.


Mediagon The major Swiss manufacturer of non-chemical water treatment devices.


Grundfos The world leader in pump manufacturing.


ProMinent German company produces dosing equipment and disinfection systems (ozone, chlorine dioxide) of premium quality.

John Guest

John Guest British company – the world leader in the highest quality quick-connect fittings, pipes and plastic water supply systems production for a wide range of applications.

Pollet Water Group (EUROAQUA)

A group of companies working on water purification systems production.


Jumag Belgium company, one of the world leaders in production of highly efficient bag filters of fine purification.


Purolite Produces a wide range of ion-exchange resins.


Well known American company which produces filters of sack type and components for domestic and industrial reverse osmosis systems.


Envirogard Canadian company, producer of premium quality domestic water filters.


The leading Italian manufacturer of dosing pumps, controlling and measuring devices.


The largest industrial concern in Denmark. The global leader in design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of mechanical and electrical components for industrial applications.