Water purification systems for cottages

The water purification and water conditioning for cottages and country houses is one of the major activities of Ekodar Company. Every day more than 15 maintenance teams go to our clients. For 18 years of activities, the specialists from Ekodar have installed equipment in more than 7000 cottages in Moscow area and other regions of Russian Federation.

Depending on the quality of the inlet water in your house and the amount of water consumed, the specialists from Ekodar Company would offer you an individual design of the water purification system.

Any water purification system for cottage or country house is composed of separated filters or modules. Different water treatment modules, made by the Ekodar, solve the following water purification tasks:

  • Removal of mechanical dirt and turbidity, color reduction
  • Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide removal
  • Organic compounds removal
  • Water hardness reduction and water conditioning
  • Water disinfection

Ekodar water purification equipment can be used in different combinations depending on the inlet water composition and the type of the problem to solve. All elements of the water purification system are selected to provide the effective water purification considering seasonal changes of water composition. The primary goal for us is the guaranty of the installed equipment efficiency in order to obtain the required water quality during the whole lifetime of the equipment.

As a result, you get the technological solution that will help you forget about all of the problems related to the poor water quality. The installation of our equipment will allow you to use water that is good for your health. The water supply and heating systems, as well as sanitary ware equipment of your house will make you enjoy their trouble-free work.