EKODAR - Water treatment and purification

Ekodar Company provides its clients a whole range of services in water purification, water treatment as well as wastewater treatment for country-houses, commercial and industrial sector, and municipal waterworks.

The water purification systems supplied by EKODAR Company provide all water purification processes:

  • water aeration
  • iron removal
  • water softening
  • demineralization
  • polishing filtration
  • water sterilization, etc.

Our activities

Water purification for cottages and country houses is the main activity of the Company. The water purification systems for country houses are designed to remove iron and manganese from the water, purify rusty color and soften hard water. The water purification systems produced by our company solve such problems quickly and fully.

The water purification systems for apartments help to leach out suspended solids, chlorine and bacteria from tap water, as a result of which treated water tastes much better. The simplicity of installation and reasonable price make our products affordable to everybody.

Ecomaster water dispenser is the solution of drinking water accessibility in the office. This machine can provide your employees with pure drinking water which can be heated, cooled, or carbonated. The purchase of Ecomaster dispensers is a cost-effective solution for your company in a long run. The prime advantage of Ecomaster dispensers is that there is no need to buy drinking water in bottles.

The industrial water treatment and purification. Water treatment equipment for commercial and industrial applications is produced under ZauberKraft™ trade mark and is used by leading Russian companies producing food, alcoholic drinks, soft beverages, etc.

Waste water treatment of industrial and domestic/household sewage – it is a complete solution for waste water treatment, as well as design, delivery and installation of equipment in the entire range of modern technologies of sewage processing.

Ekodar has been a member of the Water Quality Association since 1996.

High quality of service offered by our Company is confirmed by the certified quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 (GOST R ISO 9001-2001).