Waste water treatment

The drainage and wastewater treatment department is a dynamically developing activity of our company. The effectiveness of the technologies offered by our Company is based on a significant experience of the Company in wastewater treatment area, as well as technical equipment and high professionalism of our employees.

Wastewater treatment is a complex of engineering treatment facilities and sanitary actions providing receiving of the wastewaters from people and industries, transportation and purification treatment with subsequent release of the effluent into a river or in a landfill.

Ekodar Company offers the wastewater treatment equipment for:

  • industrial wastewater;
  • household wastewater;
  • storm discharge.

The composition of the wastewater treatment utilities and systems can include in it: wastewater pumping station (WWPS), screens, grit, grease and oil scimmers, clarifiers, flotators, filter equipment, biological wastewater treatment systems and utilities, solids dewatering units, etc. All types of equipment suite for a certain area of application and have operational advantages and certification.

Wastewater treatment is an industrial activity that provides wastewater treatment to avoid environmental pollution and/or water reuse. One of the most demanded solutions is the chemical wastes treatment from harmful and toxic contaminants and dissolved particles since they are most detrimental for environment and human health. More profound biological and chemical wastewater treatment can be reached by creating multiple-level complex consisting of listed above systems.